Cameron Winklevoss Threatens to Sue Genesis Global Over Unpaid Earn Funds

• Cameron Winklevoss, the co-founder and CEO of the Gemini trading platform, has threatened to sue Genesis Global and its parent company, the Digital Currency Group.
• The lawsuit is in response to Genesis filing for bankruptcy involving two of its other subsidiaries which Cameron claims is an attempt to avoid paying out the $900 million owed to its Earn customers.
• Cameron has been vocal on social media about the complacency of Genesis and the Digital Currency Group, owned by Barry Silbert, with regard to settling Gemini Earn customers.

Cameron Winklevoss, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Gemini trading platform, has threatened to sue Genesis Global and its parent company, the Digital Currency Group. Cameron made the announcement via Twitter following the bankruptcy filing lodged by Genesis involving two of its other subsidiaries.

Cameron has been vocal about the complacency of Genesis and the Digital Currency Group, owned by Barry Silbert, with regard to settling Gemini Earn customers. Gemini Earn is a product which pays out a reward to users who subscribe to it. Unfortunately, the Earn customers were unable to gain access to their funds as Genesis closed withdrawal options without prior warning. This has caused a great deal of frustration on the part of Earn customers who are now unable to access the funds they are owed.

Cameron Winklevoss claims that the move to file for bankruptcy was an attempt to avoid paying out the $900 million owed to the Earn customers. He has stated that this move is unacceptable and that he and his team are looking into legal action in order to recoup the funds. Cameron believes that the Barry Silbert-led DCG has continued to refuse to offer its creditors a fair deal, and as such, legal action is the only way to ensure the Earn customers receive the funds they are owed.

The news has been met with both outrage and support from the cryptocurrency community. Many are in agreement that legal action is necessary in order to ensure that the Earn customers are not left out of pocket due to the actions of Genesis and the Digital Currency Group.

It remains to be seen what will come of Cameron’s threats, but it is clear that he is determined to ensure that the Earn customers are not left without their funds. Legal action may be the only way to ensure that the funds are recouped and that justice is served.


Ubisoft Shares Plunge After Major Financial Challenges

• French video game publisher Ubisoft saw its shares slump 20% after the company shared some bad news.
• The bad news includes delaying the release of its game “Skull and Bones” and canceling three other projects.
• Ubisoft plans to “depreciate around €500m of capitalized R&D” to address the financial challenges.

Ubisoft, the French video game publisher, recently faced a 20% decline in its shares due to some bad news. The news that was shared included the postponement of their game “Skull and Bones”, as well as the cancellation of three other projects. This news came as a huge shock to the gaming community, as well as investors, as the Skull and Bones game was expected to be released on the 9th of March, 2021.

The Assassin’s Creed creator announced that they are canceling the three projects to focus on their existing brands and live services. This decision was made in order to better focus on the existing projects and ensure the best possible quality for them. The projects that were canceled remain unknown, but it is clear that this news has had a great impact on the company’s finances.

To address the financial challenge, Ubisoft has announced that they plan to “depreciate around €500m of capitalized R&D”. This is a huge sum of money and it is clear that the company is taking their financial situation seriously. It is yet to be seen how this measure will affect their financial situation and if it will help them recover from the current crisis.

The gaming industry is an ever-evolving and competitive market and Ubisoft’s recent news has shown that even a well-established publisher can face difficult times. It is now up to the company to find solutions to their financial challenges and continue to produce quality games. Only time will tell if they will be able to recover from this and remain a major player in the gaming industry.


Secure Your Christmas Investment with These 5 Crypto Projects!

• Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Internet Computer (ICP), The Sandbox (SAND), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Uniswap (UNI) are all crypto projects with secure investments.
• The Sandbox (SAND) is a Metaverse platform with over 90 games, competitions, events and experiences, allowing players to win SAND tokens.
• Investors can benefit from SAND’s development initiatives, which involve the community in creative and innovative ways.

The holiday season is a time of giving and receiving gifts. While most people’s gifts come in the form of physical presents, those with a bit more tech-savviness are turning to the cryptocurrency market as a form of giving. In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, it is important to be aware of the security measures taken by the various projects in order to ensure a safe investment. In this article, we will take a look at five projects that could pay off big this Christmas: Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Internet Computer (ICP), The Sandbox (SAND), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Uniswap (UNI).

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a meme currency that is quickly gaining traction in the market. It is a decentralized blockchain-based platform that allows users to easily and securely store, send and receive digital assets. BIG has undergone rigorous security testing to ensure its users are protected from rug-pulls and other forms of criminal activity. It is also user-verified for safety, making it a safe investment for those looking to put their money in the crypto market.

Internet Computer (ICP) is a blockchain-based protocol that aims to create a secure and open Internet. It is designed to help developers build and deploy powerful decentralized applications and services. ICP is a safe bet due to its high security protocols, as well as its ability to offer developers an easy-to-use platform to build their projects.

The Sandbox (SAND) is a gaming platform that is currently in its third season and is part of the Metaverse. It allows players to partake in over 90 games, competitions, events, and experiences, and win SAND tokens. SAND is currently selling at $0.444344 and has a total quantity of 3 billion tokens, with 1.5 billion units in circulation. 50% of the tokens are now in use, and investors can benefit from SAND’s development initiatives which involve its community in creative and innovative ways.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a decentralized token that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a meme-based digital currency that is designed to bring fun, entertainment, and rewards to its users. SHIB has high liquidity and is available on several exchanges, making it a secure investment.

Finally, Uniswap (UNI) is a decentralized exchange protocol that bridges the gap between decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional finance. It allows users to securely and easily swap tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. UNI is a safe investment due to its high security protocols, as well as its ability to provide users with a secure and easy-to-use platform.

In conclusion, the cryptocurrency market is a great way to give and receive gifts this Christmas. However, it is important to be aware of the security measures taken by the various projects in order to ensure a safe investment. Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Internet Computer (ICP), The Sandbox (SAND), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Uniswap (UNI) are all crypto projects with secure investments that could pay off big this Christmas.


ByteDance Cuts Hundreds of Jobs Amid Tech Turmoil in China

• ByteDance, the parent firm of the social media platform TikTok, has cut hundreds of jobs across multiple departments by the end of 2022.
• These job cuts come as part of the company’s plans to streamline operations.
• ByteDance is one of the largest employers in China with a total workforce of over 100,000 employees worldwide.

ByteDance, the parent company of popular social media platform TikTok, has announced that it will be cutting several hundred jobs in China by the end of 2022. This move is part of the company’s plans to streamline its operations.

The layoffs will affect employees at Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, which has 600 million daily active users. ByteDance is one of the largest employers in China with a total workforce of over 100,000 people worldwide, meaning that the job cuts represent a very small percentage of its overall workforce.

The decision to lay off employees comes amid major turbulence in China’s tech sector. This has largely been due to major policy changes initiated by the Chinese government which has caused major disruption in the industry. Many tech companies have been forced to downsize and restructure their operations in order to stay afloat.

ByteDance has not disclosed any further information regarding the job cuts, as they are a privately owned company and therefore not obliged to publicly disclose any information relating to their business.

The move to streamline operations is not an uncommon one in the tech industry and is reflective of the changing environment in which companies now operate. Companies are having to make tough decisions to ensure their survival and remain competitive.

For the employees affected by the job cuts, it is a difficult time but one which is unfortunately necessary in order for the company to remain successful. ByteDance has assured that those affected will be offered support during the transition, including severance packages and job placement assistance.


Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Kostenloser Download (v1.13.05)

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Free Download PC Spiel vorinstalliert in direktem Link. Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition wurde am 19. Dezember 2016 veröffentlicht.

Über das Spiel

Minecraft für Windows 10. Erstellen Sie alles, was Sie sich vorstellen können. Erforsche zufällig generierte Welten. Überlebe gefährliche Mobs bei Nacht. Erforsche unendliche Welten und baue alles, vom einfachsten Haus bis hin zu den größten Schlössern. Spiele im Kreativmodus mit unbegrenzten Ressourcen oder baue im Überlebensmodus tief in der Welt und stelle Waffen und Rüstungen her, um gefährliche Mobs abzuwehren. Erschaffe, erkunde und überlebe allein oder mit Freunden auf Mobilgeräten, Switch, Xbox One und Windows 10. Minecraft auf Windows 10 läuft auch auf Windows Mixed Reality- und Oculus Rift-Geräten und unterstützt alle Minecraft-Funktionen, die du kennst und liebst. Entdecke gigantische, von der Community betriebene Welten, wetteifere in einzigartigen Minispielen und knüpfe Kontakte in Lobbys voller neuer Freunde.

Wie man Minecraft herunterlädt und installiert: Windows 10 Ausgabe

Klicken Sie auf den Download-Button unten und Sie sollten zu UploadHaven weitergeleitet werden.
Warten Sie 5 Sekunden und klicken Sie auf die blaue Schaltfläche “Jetzt herunterladen”. Lassen Sie nun den Download beginnen und warten Sie, bis er abgeschlossen ist.
Sobald Minecraft Windows 10 Edition fertig heruntergeladen ist, klicke mit der rechten Maustaste auf die .zip-Datei und klicke auf “Extract to Minecraft Windows 10” (Um dies zu tun, brauchst du 7-Zip, das du hier bekommen kannst).
Doppelklicken Sie auf den Ordner Minecraft Windows 10 Edition und starten Sie das Installationsprogramm. (Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie zuerst den Entwicklermodus aktivieren)
Installieren Sie das Spiel, es wird die Dateien automatisch registrieren. Starten Sie das Spiel über das Windows-Menü. Viel Spaß und Spiel!
Hinweis: Sie müssen den Entwicklermodus in den Windows 10-Einstellungen aktivieren, bevor Sie das Setup ausführen. Du kannst diese Anleitung hier verwenden

HINWEIS: Dieses Spiel ist bereits für Sie vorinstalliert, d.h. Sie müssen es nicht installieren. Wenn Sie Fehler bezüglich fehlender dlls erhalten, suchen Sie nach einem _Redist oder _CommonRedist Ordner und installieren Sie directx, vcredist und alle anderen Programme in diesem Ordner. Sie brauchen diese Programme, damit das Spiel läuft. In der Datei ‘HOW TO RUN GAME!!.txt’ finden Sie weitere Hilfe. Klicken Sie außerdem mit der rechten Maustaste auf die Exe-Datei und wählen Sie immer “Als Administrator ausführen”, wenn Sie Probleme beim Speichern des Spiels haben. Deaktiviere immer dein Antivirusprogramm, bevor du das Spiel extrahierst, um zu verhindern, dass es die Crack-Dateien löscht. Wenn Sie zusätzliche Hilfe benötigen, klicken Sie hier


Erfordert einen 64-Bit-Prozessor und ein 64-Bit-Betriebssystem
OS: Windows 10Erforderlich (Entwicklermodus aktivieren)
Prozessor: Intel HD Graphics 4000 oder besser
Speicher: 4 GB RAM
Grafikkarte: NVIDIA GeForce 400-Serie oder gleichwertig
Speicherplatz: 1 GB freier Speicherplatz
Soundkarte: DirectX-kompatible Soundkarte oder Onboard-Chipsatz


Wie kann ich Bing als Standard-Suchmaschine in Firefox entfernen?

Wenn Sie mit der Qualität der Bing-Suchergebnisse unzufrieden sind oder bei der Verwendung einer anderen Suchmaschine zu Bing umgeleitet werden, können Sie Bing als Standardsuchmaschine entfernen. Firefox verfügt über ein spezielles Tool zum Verwalten von Suchmaschinen, mit dem Sie Suchmaschinen hinzufügen und sortieren können. Sie können es auch verwenden, um die Bing-Suchmaschine ganz zu entfernen.

Entfernen von Bing als Standardsuchmaschine

Klicken Sie auf das “Bing”-Logo auf der linken Seite der Suchleiste in Firefox und wählen Sie “Suchmaschinen verwalten”. Wählen Sie die Suchmaschine aus, die Sie anstelle von Bing als Standardsuchmaschine verwenden möchten, und klicken Sie dann auf die Schaltfläche “Nach oben”, bis die neue Suchmaschine am Anfang der Liste steht. Klicken Sie auf “OK”, um Ihre Änderungen zu speichern.

Löschen von Bing und Hinzufügen neuer Suchmaschinen

Um Bing vollständig aus der Liste der verfügbaren Suchmaschinen in Firefox zu entfernen, wählen Sie es in der Liste der Suchmaschinen aus und klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche “Entfernen”. Klicken Sie auf “OK”, um Ihre Änderungen zu speichern.

Wenn die gewünschte Suchmaschine nicht aufgelistet ist, klicken Sie auf den Link “Weitere Suchmaschinen abrufen”, suchen Sie die gewünschte Suchmaschine und klicken Sie auf die zugehörige Schaltfläche “Zu Firefox hinzufügen”.

Entfernen von Bing-Malware

Wenn Sie Ihre Standardsuchmaschine ändern und Firefox immer noch automatisch Bing-Ergebnisse anzeigt, sind Sie wahrscheinlich mit Malware infiziert worden. Setzen Sie Firefox zurück, um dieses Problem zu beheben. Klicken Sie auf das dreizeilige “Menü”-Symbol in der oberen rechten Ecke von Firefox und dann auf die Schaltfläche “Hilfe”, die durch ein Fragezeichen gekennzeichnet ist. Wählen Sie “Informationen zur Problembehandlung” und klicken Sie dann auf “Firefox zurücksetzen”.


Das Asset-Tokenisierungsprojekt DeFi Money Market schließt seine Türen

Inhaber von DMG-Token gehen zu Twitter, um zu trauern, da ihre Bestände zu 75% zusammenbrechen.

DeFi Money Market, eines der frühesten Projekte, das darauf abzielt, reale Vermögenswerte in die Kette zu bringen, gab gestern Abend abrupt bekannt, dass es den Betrieb eingestellt hat

“Aufgrund behördlicher Anfragen wird DMM heruntergefahren”, heißt es auf der Website des Projekts. “[…] DMM bedauert die Notwendigkeit dieser Aktion und möchte der DMM-Community für ihre Unterstützung und aktive Teilnahme an diesem Projekt danken.”

Die Website gab den Benutzern Anweisungen zum Einlösen von ertragstragenden mTokens und sagte, dass die Erträge für die Token am 10. Februar auf 0% fallen würden.

“Wir sind sicher, dass Sie Fragen haben, aber leider können wir derzeit keine Fragen beantworten”, fügt die Erklärung hinzu.

Das Projekt bestätigte auch das Herunterfahren in zwei Tweets:

Zusammen mit RealT und anderen Immobilien-Tokenisierungsprojekten war DMM eines der ersten Unternehmen, das versuchte, reale Vermögenswerte in die DeFi-Landschaft zu bringen. Sie boten über 6% Zinssätze für ihre Token an, die durch reale Autokredite abgesichert waren. Das Projekt wurde mit der Unterstützung eines maßgeschneiderten Chainlink-Orakels und der Unterstützung des Milliardärs Tim Draper gestartet .

Einige haben spekuliert, dass die behördliche Kontrolle, auf die sich das Team in seiner Ankündigung bezieht, möglicherweise mit dem verpfuschten Start des Tokens zusammenhängt . Kurz nach ihrem Token-Verkauf gab es Berichte, in denen Dokumente, die das Unternehmen hochgeladen hatte, um zu beweisen, dass die Kreditunterstützung versehentlich die Identität der Kreditinhaber enthüllte.


Bitcoin price: 1 billion current users by 2025?

Analyst Willy Woo believes Bitcoin will be adopted at the same rate as the internet, if not higher.

Based on current adoption rates, Woo claims Bitcoin will reach one billion users over the next four years.

Woo says this level of growth would put Bitcoin at the same technological level as the internet in 2005.

The past twelve months have been eventful for Bitcoin , solidifying the asset as a global store of value for investors of all classes.

However, according to one analyst, this is only the beginning. Renowned blockchain analyst Willy Woo says cryptocurrencies and the price of Bitcoin are still only at the start of mass adoption when comparing Bitcoin’s adoption rate to the internet.

Will Bitcoin and Blockchain Become the Internet of Finance?

Plotted on an adoption curve, Woo paints a picture of what to expect for Bitcoin in the years to come. At current levels, the adoption of cryptocurrencies is the same as that of the Internet in 1997.

It was a time before Google, Amazon and the widespread use of smartphones that gave everyone a personal computer in their pocket. Based on Woo’s findings, Bitcoin’s user base is growing even faster than that of the internet. At this rate, that would bring Bitcoin to one billion users over the next four years. Something that equates to global internet usage in 2005, according to the expert.

Bitcoin price: the numbers

Woo seems confident about the future adoption rate of Bitcoin (BTC). Plus, he thinks the network is a lot fairer than the data suggests.

He states that nearly 40% of BTC owners are “small” holders, indicating a more equitable distribution compared to fiat currencies. He also points out that this trend is likely to continue.

Data shows that smallholders are experiencing strong growth as well as heavy goods vehicles (institutions). Rising on both sides of the financial spectrum suggests broadening adoption rates.

The ultimate store of value

Satoshi Nakomoto created bitcoin to be a decentralized store of value and a transfer of value. However, it seems that the first function is taking the lead. Bitcoin should work like silver, but current investors view it more like gold.

As a store of value, Bitcoin’s journey is already propelling it to new heights, gaining adoptions from all walks of life. While bitcoin is not becoming the ultimate digital currency, it does offer an opportunity to hedge against government-controlled fiat inflation.

Bitcoin’s network effects continue to grow. Like the Internet adoption before BTC, as the network grows, the asset is expected to continue to attract more users at an even higher rate.


Il CEO di MicroStrategy aumenta l’offerta di banconote convertibili senior a 635 milioni di dollari per acquistare più Bitcoin

Nonostante le prospettive ribassiste di Citi su MicroStrategy abbiano spinto la vendita delle sue azioni a volumi quasi record, Michael Saylor continua a raddoppiare la sua scommessa su Bitcoin.

A Michael Saylor non importa un f-.. Come abbiamo riportato, la quota della società è scesa del 17% dopo che Citi ha pubblicato il suo rapporto ribassista su MicroStrategy, dove l’analista mette in dubbio l’attenzione di Saylor su Bitcoin.

Mentre gli analisti di Citi hanno definito il rally di Bitcoins “sovraesteso”, è stato l’investimento Bitcoin che ha aiutato le azioni della società a salire a un livello mai visto dal 2000. Nel 2020, BTC ha raccolto oltre il 150% dei guadagni del 90% del 2019.

Il CEO di MicroStrategy ha annunciato oggi il prezzo delle offerte delle senior notes convertibili.

Come da annuncio ufficiale, l’importo dell’offerta è stato aumentato a 550 milioni di dollari rispetto ai precedenti 400 milioni di dollari, come da annuncio di lunedì. L’annuncio ufficiale recita,

“MicroStrategy stima che il ricavato netto della vendita delle banconote sarà di circa 537,2 milioni di dollari (o circa 634,9 milioni di dollari se gli acquirenti iniziali eserciteranno pienamente la loro opzione di acquisto di banconote aggiuntive)”.

Queste note, che scadono nel 2025, matureranno interessi ad un tasso dello 0,750% annuo, pagabili semestralmente in arretrato il 15 giugno e il 15 dicembre, a partire dall’anno prossimo. Saranno vendute in offerta privata ad acquirenti istituzionali qualificati e la chiusura dell’offerta è prevista per l’11 dicembre 2020.

Questi titoli saranno convertibili in contanti, in azioni ordinarie di classe A di MicroStrategy o in una combinazione di esse.

Ma naturalmente, la parte più interessante di tutto ciò è che la società intende investire il ricavato netto della vendita delle notes in Bitcoin secondo la sua Treasury Reserve Policy. L’avvocato della Bitcoin, Max Keiser, ha detto,

“Michael_saylor /MicroStrategy sta compiendo un attacco speculativo contro la Fed/USD come Soros/Druckenmiller ha fatto contro la BoE/GBP nel 1992, espellendola dall’ERM”.

“Saylor ha tirato la spilla e ha lanciato una granata nella sala del consiglio di amministrazione della Fed”.

Japan rendimento

Bitcoin sostituirà l’oro, dice la più grande azienda di beni del mondo BlackRock

L’amministratore delegato e Chief Investment Officer della più grande società di gestione patrimoniale al mondo BlackRock Inc. ha affermato che Bitcoin è meglio dell’oro.

Chiavi da asporto

  • Rick Rieder, amministratore delegato e CIO di Global Fixed Income presso BlackRock Inc., accenna al bullismo e alla sostenibilità a lungo termine dei cripto-assets.
  • Rieder ha cercato di scommettere sui mercati emergenti e di puntare sugli asset cripto come modo per bilanciare i portafogli finanziari.

In un’intervista alla CNBC questa mattina, Rick Rieder, il responsabile degli investimenti di BlackRock Inc., ha affermato che Bitcoin è più funzionale dell’oro.

La siepe Bitcoin di Blackrock

Recentemente, Rieder ha espresso ottimismo nei confronti degli investimenti nei mercati emergenti, dato il contesto a basso rendimento degli Stati Uniti e della presidenza di Biden, che consente politiche globali moderate. Bitcoin cade proprio in questa arena.

Il CIO BlackRock ha aggiunto oggi che la “ricettività” delle risorse digitali e della tecnologia tra i millenni è elevata. Inoltre, la riflessione delle banche centrali sulle CBDC si aggiunge alla narrazione. In conclusione, Rieder ha detto: “Penso che le crittocittà siano qui per restare”.

Inoltre, sulla proposta di Bitcoin come concorrente dell’oro, il CIO BlackRock ha detto:

“Penso che sia un meccanismo durevole che prenderà il posto dell’oro in larga misura? Sì, lo penso, perché è molto più funzionale che passare un lingotto d’oro in giro”.

Nonostante l’SPX e l’oro abbiano raggiunto nuovi massimi, la crescita della Bitcoin ha superato tutti gli investimenti dell’anno. La capitalizzazione di mercato di BTC è vicina al 2,5-2,75% del mercato dell’oro.

Le istituzioni come BlackRock che cercano una piccola allocazione a Bitcoin nei loro portafogli è attualmente un’impresa senza speranza.